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Why Johan Brees switched to Cicero LawPack

web site BreesJohan Brees' law firm (Hasselt & Leuven) has been working with Cicero LawPack since October 2004. "Before that the correspondence in our practice had already been automated. Gradually I started using timesheets with rates per hour. Cicero LawPack is extremely well suited for this, as the timesheets directly link into the accounting," Advocate Brees explains.

Installing Cicero LawPack was a deliberate choice. Having studied and compared similar software offers for lawyers on the market, Johan Brees came to the conclusion that Cicero was the undisputed best deal.

Logo Johan Brees"It offers numerous advantages. The templates are fully customisable to suit one's needs and desires. Even the layout can be tweaked in a multitude of ways. I also think it is important that Cicero LawPack is a Microsoft partner. This can be looked upon as a quality label that comes with the necessary guarantees," says Johan Brees.

The software solution Cicero LawPack presents is fully integrated. "To me, this is by far the biggest asset. The direct links between the timesheets, the accounting and the invoicing modules not only results in a substantial gain of time, but also contributes to the operational efficiency of the firm. On top of it, learning how to work with the software is easy."

Both sites of the Brees' law firm use the same software. Using the business-server allows one to work remotely. Cicero LawPack ties in perfectly into this set-up. Johan Brees doesn't have any doubts about it: from a technical point of view, this package gets the job done.

Advocate Brees also praises his co-operation with Informa Europe BVBA, the supplier of Cicero LawPack. "No matter what the problem is, you can always rely on support by phone. It's just a very practical and correct way of operating!"

Johan Brees started working as an advocate in 1991 at the Leuven Bar. Ten years later, he set up a second office in Hasselt, together with Ilse Roox. Her practice, too, runs on Cicero LawPack. Together they established a cost association. Ilse Roox is a curator and mainly practices commercial law. Johan Brees mainly focuses on civil and family law. With their combined forces, they virtually cover the full spectrum of the law.back to top



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